OncoScreen Plus Cancer Mutation Profiling Tissue Kit

Tissue-based large oncopanel for cancer patients

OncoScreen Plus Cancer Mutation Profiling Tissue Kit is a CE-marked large oncopanel tissue kit for cancer patients. It is a NGS-based in vitro diagnostic device intended to be used for the qualitative detection of multiple types of mutations involving 518 genes based on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples from patients with various cancers. Mutations include point mutation, insertion-deletion (InDel) mutation, rearrangement (fusion), and copy number variation (CNV), as well as the determination of microsatellite instability (MSI) status and tumor mutation burden (TMB).

The test can provide comprehensive guidance on personalized treatment options for various cancers.

OncoCompass™ Target Cancer Mutation Profiling Liquid Kit

Liquid biopsy for cancer patients

OncoCompass™ Target Cancer Mutation Profiling Liquid Kit is a CE-marked liquid biopsy test for cancer patients. It is a qualitative NGS-based in vitro diagnostic device that uses targeted high throughput hybridization-based capture technology for detection of mutations in 101 genes in cell-free DNA extracted from plasma of peripheral whole blood in patients with solid malignant neoplasms. Mutations include single nucleotide mutation (SNV) and InDel in 99 genes, rearrangement (fusion) in 10 genes, and CNV in 13 genes, and MSI.

With a simple blood draw, the test analyzes guideline-recommended genes and guides treatment strategies for multiple cancer indications.


Residual disease detection and monitoring

This personalized MRD test empowers precision clinical research by covering exome of ~20,000 genes and ultra-deep sequencing (100,000x) of 50 specifically selected variants to provide ultra sensitive personalized “Finger-printing” to patients for dynamic monitoring and surveillance.

OverC™ Multi-Cancer Early Detection

Cancer screening

OverC™ Multi-Cancer Detection Blood Test is a qualitative next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based in vitro diagnostic device for the detection of DNA methylation markers using cfDNA isolated from human peripheral whole blood. The OverC™ test is based on Burning Rock’s self-developed multi-cancer early detection technology ELSA-seq. ELSA-seq has been published in a number of high-impact academic journals[1-4].These results demonstrate that ELSA-seq is a highly sensitive test for detection of the trace amounts of tumor-derived methylation signals in plasma samples from multiple cancer types.

OverC™ received CE mark in May 2022 and is intended for earlier detection and localization of multiple cancer types in adults. OverC™ can be manufactured in both US and China facilities under synchronized quality management systems, which further promotes the company’s global business strategy.

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