Our advantages

Leadership and Excellence in
molecular diagnostics services


Focused on clinical appeals, we provide diversified molecular diagnostics solutions, covering the full cancer cycle and Covid testing service. Our products are capable of detecting multiple tissue and liquid sample forms. With reliable service and product quality assurance, we are committed to providing solutions for schools, hospitals, senior centers, and private corporations.



With diversified technology platforms and an experienced registration in-house team, we have set up an R&D service pipeline in the United States, providing global pharmaceutical companies with multimodal central lab testing, integrated companion diagnostic development and commercialization, as well as precision patient recruitment, to facilitate the entire process of anti-cancer drug development and Sino-U.S. market approvals. Currently, we service more than 60 pharmaceutical companies and 180 clinical research projects worldwide.


We have established a comprehensive diagnostic technology system, and have many patented technologies** Including but not limited to: Chinese patents nos. ZL 201611154433.8, ZL 201710061152.6, ZL 201811149011.0, ZL 201811149015.9, ZL 201811337895.2, ZL 201910728941.X, PRC Hong Kong patents nos. HK 40003314, HK 40003315, Japanese patent no. JP 7022758.. Our in-house team of scientists has a strong R&D capacity as well as clinical translation capabilities. We are in line with the cutting-edge technology of international medical testing, and through independent innovation, we constantly optimize our molecular diagnostics technologies to provide more accurate and affordable testing products and services.


We have developed an international standardized quality management system (QMS) to ensure reliable service and product quality. The QMS is harmonized across Burning Rock US and China, which is highly desirable for supporting global clinical trials. Our labs have been awarded many international authoritative certificates such as CLIA, CAP, ISO15189, ISO13485, etc. We participate in CAP and EMQN annually and achieve a superior pass rate. Our lab testing reports are accepted by a number of countries and regions worldwide.


We have a professional customer support team and have built an efficient and compliant global service chain covering kit shipment, collection, patient billing, and customized and automatic reporting. Our comprehensive project management scheme, powerful IT system, and intelligent platform control capabilities guarantee reliable support for efficient & accurate testing.