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Burning Rock focuses on providing comprehensive cancer genomic solutions for pharmaceutical companies from biomarker discovery to commercialization. Powered by our multimodal central lab testing, integrated companion diagnostic development and commercialization, Burning Rock facilitates the entire process of anti-cancer drug development.

Genomic Data Solutions

Multi-dimensional genomic data from > 460K cases of cancer patients in China

Clinical Trial Solutions

Multimodel central lab testing 190+ Clinical Studies

CDx Development & Commercialization

Integrated companion diagnostic development and commercialization

Precision Patient Recruitment

BR-Domestic Database & BR-LAVA platform

Genomic Data Solutions

Burning Rock utilizes our own proprietary large-scale genomic dataset based on personalized analyses of Chinese cancer patients, integrates the experience from multi-dimensional clinical/scientific research and published data, to provide a one-stop cancer genomic data solution for biopharma partners, with the aim to speed up precision drug development and reduce the risks.


  • Cancer genomics guided indication selection

  • Biomarker discovery for patient stratification

  • Commercial evaluation for targeted detection

  • Site selection based on geographic distribution

Testing Data

Biopharma partners


Collaborating hospitals

Cancer types

Drug clinical trials

Clinical Trial Solutions

Burning Rock offers integrated central lab services for biopharma partners, from multimodal sample testing to data analysis, meeting drug developing requirements, with five industry-leading qualifications (CLIA, CAP, NCCL, NMPA, ISO15189) and a full spectrum of diagnostic products. So far, we have provided central lab services for >70 pharmaceutical companies in >200 clinical research studies, covering clinical study sites globally.

CDx Development & Commercialization

Burning Rock offers integrated companion diagnostic (CDx) development services for biopharma partners to streamline the codevelopment and commercialization of targeted drug and respective CDx. Our US-based lab and R&D team provide additional services to promote drug and CDx co-development worldwide.

Precision Patient Recruitment

Burning Rock assists clinicians in understanding the inclusion criteria of pharmaceutical company, helps on clinical trial initiation via targeting cancer patients with specific biomarkers, with our own proprietary large-scale genomic database and multiple online resources.

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