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OverC™ Multi-Cancer Early Detection

Cancer screening

OverC™ Multi-Cancer Detection Blood Test is a qualitative next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based in vitro diagnostic device for the detection of DNA methylation markers using cfDNA isolated from human peripheral whole blood. The OverC™ test is based on Burning Rock’s self-developed multi-cancer early detection technology ELSA-seq. ELSA-seq has been published in a number of high-impact academic journals [1-4]. These results demonstrate that ELSA-seq is a highly sensitive test for detection of the trace amounts of tumor-derived methylation signals in plasma samples from multiple cancer types.

OverC™ received CE mark in May 2022 and is intended for earlier detection and localization of multiple cancer types in adults. OverC™ can be manufactured in both US and China facilities under synchronized quality management systems, which further promotes the company’s global business strategy.