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Minimal residual disease detection and monitoring

Patient-specific pROgnostic and Potential tHErapeutic marker Tracking (brPROPHETTM) tumor-informed ctDNA assay is a patient-specific flexible gene panel designed based on whole exome sequencing (WES) of resected tumor tissues. brPROPHET™ assay involved four major steps: identify somatic mutations using WES, customized design of a patient-specific panel consisting of 50 single nucleotide variants, ultra-deep unique molecular-identifier-based next-generation sequencing (UMI-NGS) of serial blood samples using the patient-specific panel, and MRD risk prediction.

Personalized Panel Design using 50 Specially Selected Variants with 100,000x Ultra-deep Sequencing

This personalized MRD test empowers precision clinical research by covering exome of ~20,000 genes and ultra-deep sequencing (100,000x) of 50 specifically selected variants to provide ultra sensitive personalized “Finger-printing” to patients for dynamic monitoring and surveillance.