MRD Panel

Combination of tissue testing (patient mutation profiling) with ultra-sensitive ctDNA assay (based on baseline and tissue testing), can be used for minimum residual disease monitoring. The ctDNA assay provides 0.2%LoD and validated performance and high concordance with tissue results.

MRD assay can detect following mutations with input of 20NG DNA, SNV, INDELS of EGFR/ALK/KRAS/NRAS/BRAF/ERBB2/MET/PIK3CA.

We combine CtDNA assay with 520 Oncoscreen IO panel to identify mutations of interest for tracking.

Hematological malignancies, lung, solid tumors

ALK/ROS 1/ NTRK1/RET arrangements
Copy number variation in MET and ERBB2
MSI-H in sample


Colorectal Liver Metastasis ctDNA